10 Soalan & Tips Temuduga

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Tips on Top 10 Most common questions :

Tell me about yourself. Touch more on your employment history.

Why did you leave your last job?? Try to avoid mentioning about office politics/bad mouth your last employer/better offer. Try to give good solid reason.

Why did you choose ***** and ***** in particular? Inform them you have passion in serving customer and you choose *** because *** is a well known leading telco company. You believed that *** can train you to be a better customer service agent through their constant on going training, where you could polish your communication skill, your phone etique and develop to a better customer care consultant from time to time/ If you comes from customer service background, add that as 1 positive point from you on why you still want to proceed in customer service line.

Name 5 criteria that’s needed to be a good customer service* agent? There are so many criteria that you can give. Ex : Good listening skill, friendly, having friendly tone, good analytical skill, polite, customer service oriented, helpful, fast learner, having a good product knowledge, High patient, passion to serve customer and etc..

What and where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years time? Try to convince them that you will stay in customer service field/*** as a team leader or one of the *** product trainer. Avoid by saying that you want to be in a position which suits your qualification or background (if you are not coming from customer service line/background). And if you have intentions to further your study in the near future, don’t mention it to them, do kindly keep it for yourself.

How would you handle an angry customer (example)? Tell them frankly on how would you handle them. Give additional info as that you basically know that the customer is not angry/yelling/swearing at you, they are actually angry on the service provider and you normally can handle it professionally whereby you will listen to their complaints first to find out what is actually the root cause of the problem, calm them down and explain again. Inform them that you are a type of person that won’t put negative effect into your heart. And at the end of the day, you will just call it…a day.

How is your stress management? Give points on how you would handle your stress. Example : Take a deep breath/drink a water/play football@futsal after work. Anything should be ok.

Do you have intention to further your study? Its advisable for you to say no.

Can you work extra hour/shift? Say that you are ok with it. No issue.

Why we should hire you? Try to think of your main positive side. If you comes from customer service/call centre background, mention that on your early statement. Then add up your other points. For those without experience, inform them that you are fast learner, willing to learn and easy to cope new environment especially fast-paced, you have a good listening and analytical skill and most important, you have the passion talking to customers and commitment to serve them.

***Remember that when you come to attend for an interview, you are basically selling yourself to be hired. So try your level best to point out ONLY your positive points. Try to think before you speak up. Don’t be too soft spoken or loud as well. Don’t speak too fast ( or it will sounds like you are mumbling rather than talking)Have an eye contact with the interviewer and don’t forget to thank them for having you at the very beginning when you introducing yourself and on before leaving. Lastly, don’t be nervous.
***Kindly reply the email as confirmation of your attendance.

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